Our year-round "CE" program lessons enhance a swimmer's water safety skills plus introduce and develop competitive swimming strokes. These are 30 and 45 minute group lessons that have between 5 and 10 swimmers per coach. They are usually available after the completion after one of our swim school lesson sessions. We utilize the Westminster Christian School High School Pool, locates at 6855 SW 152 Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

These Continuing Education (CE) lessons provide an opportunity for 2 and 1/2 and older swimmers to develop their skills and competitive swimming strokes until they are qualified to join the AquaKids SHARKS Swim Team. "CE" lessons are twice a week (M/W or T/Th) on a monthly basis in the afternoons and evenings!

Registration requires a try-out to determine the appropriate class level. The exact class days and times is determined after the try-out and placement in a class is dependent on ability and availability.

Our Continuing Education ("CE") Program currently has limited availability!

For additional information OR to schedule a try-out:
Please email Coach Shirley at

"CE" Shark Groups
Below each SHARK group is its' scientific name and size (of the shark not the group) along with the general group description.

Angel Sharks and Leopard Sharks
Squatina dumerlli 4 feet 100 lbs. &
Triakis semifasciata  5 feet  100 lbs.

This group is for swimmers who've taken one session of our regular (daily) lesson program.and desire to further develop their swimming. Swimmers in this group continue to develop their water safety skills which includes "Humpty Dumpty", "Superman Kick", and "Roll Overs". Then we develop Freestyle with side breathing and Backstroke plus introduce Butterfly. They are 30 minute lessons that practice 2 times per week, M/W or T/Th.

Sand Sharks
Caracharhinus milberti 6 feet 100 lbs.
The Sand Sharks are for swimmers who can swim 50 feet of Freestyle with side breathing and 50 feet of Backstroke. This group continues to develop the Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly. Then introduces Breaststroke plus Racing Starts and Finishes and they compete in our SHARK RACES! They practice for 45 minutes, 2 times per week on M/W or T/Th.

Bull Sharks
Carcharhinus leucas 10 feet 200 lbs.
FUNdamental & Learn to Practice Pre-Swim Team Group
Swimmers in this group are taught to lay the foundations of competitive swimming through stroke development as well as an introduction to competitive swimming. Sharks in this group can expect:

1. To attend 3 sessions per week (M/W/F or T/TH/F) with the option of attending a 4th practice on Saturday mornings.
2. Learn Foundational Skills such as Stroke Technique & Competitive Skills.
3. Taught lessons in Character Development.
4. Eligible for participation in AquaKids Sharks Competitive Camp.
5. Eligible for participation in Shark Races.
6. Introduction to USA Swimming Competitions (per Coach approval).